How do I change my email address in

How you change your email address depends on your role.

If you are an Activity Organizer or have a registered account (with a password), please click here

If you are a volunteer, participant or a class parent, your unique email address is linked to each Activity calendar. You may use different email addresses for different SignUps(e.g. your personal email for school signups, your work email address for workplace volunteering, etc.).

Here are two options for changing your email address:

1. Contact your Activity Organizer(s) directly. Ask him or her to change your email address by accessing your information in the SignUp Organizer view.

2. Follow this two-step process and do it yourself in a few minutes:

  1. Register and activate a Organizer account (with a password) using your OLD email address. Go to to get started.
  2. Sign in and make the change quickly in your Profile page (Click on your name in the upper right corner to access your Profile at any time).

If you no longer have access to your OLD email account, please send an email to our support team and complete the information below. Please allow up to 3 business days for the change.


Subject: Universal Email Change Request

Copy and Paste the following text in the body of the message with your information added in the (parentheses):

Please change my current email (put the OLD email address you want to change here) permanently to my new email address (put your NEW email address here). I understand that this will ultimately make my original/old email address invalid within
I no longer have access to my OLD email address. Here's a link to my organization website that confirms my identity: (insert link).
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