Can participants sign up for a recurring shift? supports Organizer-facilitated repeating schedules and participant assignments as recurring shifts. Learn how below, but first, a few helpful notes:

  • Participants signing up themselves must choose their own assignments date-by-date. This best practice prevents people from scheduling over vacations, doctors appointments and work commitments.
  • Setting up a No-Date SignUp to ask people's preferences, or a one week, two week, or one month schedule to start with is a great way to find out people's availability and preferred shifts.

How to assign a recurring shift to a Participant:

  • First, access your SignUp's Organizer view from your Dashboard. (Choose Manage>Spots/Status from the pull-down menu) then click on the first day in the series you want to add assignments to.
  • Find the correct shift for this Participant and choose Assign.

  • Choose the Participant name to give this assignment to (or add a new Participant), then click on the Recurring Assignment button. (It looks like two little arrows).

  • Choose the dates in the repeating pattern that you wish to assign to this Participant. In the example below, we choose all Thursdays in June. Be sure to skip vacation days, holidays and other appointments you may know about.


The red text below the Legend will summarize how many assignments you are giving the Participant so you can make changes if needed.

  • Click Copy and the Participant will be assigned to all those spots you chose.
  • will then send an automated assignment notification to the Participant. These notification are batched every 30 minutes or so so you have time to make multiple assignments. You may suppress these notification in the Settings tab at the top of the site.


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