Can I attach a Zoom meeting link, document or map to my invitations, confirmations or reminders?

It's now easier than ever to add Zoom meetings links, documents and other resource links to your SignUp. You can quickly link to meeting URLs, maps, forms, training videos, content websites, documents, or surveys right in your SignUp.

When linking content, please first store it in any cloud storage platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or any web resource such as YouTube, SurveyMonkey or your own Website. Note - does NOT attach the actual document because we are a bulk email sender, and attachments to bulk-sender-messages can trigger spam filters.

First, copy the URL link to your meeting, resource or document. Be sure to include the full address starting with 'http://'.

Next, paste the URL link in the Spot(s) Extra Details. When participants receive automated confirmation and reminder emails from, your links will be included and will be 'activated' and ready to click. Easy!

To see how/where to edit a spot, see the Edit a Spot section of this help article:

Adding a Spot 

A Special Note for Reminders:

You can also add specific links or text to all reminders sent on a single signup.  Please see: How do I change my SignUp's Organizer Email Preferences? 

See also:

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NOTE: To send message with document links to participants from multiple SignUps at once or to participants on all SignUps posted to your Group Pages, please choose Advanced Messaging from the My Tools Menu.

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