Can participants share an email address or sign up others?

The Organizer of the SignUp has the option to allow Participants to share an email address and sign up other people. Many Organizers select this option so family members and team members can sign up in the same session. Some Organizers do NOT choose this option because they want an assignment record for each individual Participant (and often a waiver too).

If you're a Participant and you're not seeing an option to sign up for other participants, please consider one of these options:

  • Ask your SignUp Organizer to activate the "Sign Up Others" option in the Details tab of the SignUp's Organizer view. This is always the easiest option.

         Organizer view:

Participant view:



  •  If the Organizer has authorized the Share option on your SignUp, click it to share the invitation link with your family or team member so they can sign up using their own email address.


  • For account holders, you may modify a base email address by adding a plus sign (+) to 'clone' the single address into multiple email addresses and then sign up each person individually. E.g.: (for primary or first volunteer) (for spouse) (for child)and so on.

When emails have a +XXXX after the first part of the email address, standard internet email processing sends all emails to the base account of

  • Participants signing up for multiple Spots on the same task/shift may enter a quantity of 2 and then write both names in the Name Field - e.g.  Joan & Peter Wilson
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