How do I delete days within My SignUp?

To delete a day or days, please click Manage > Spots from your Dashboard to open the SignUp in your Organizer view -- then follow this process:

1. Choose the date you want to delete in the Spots tab (either the Calendar View or List View) and then click the Delete link:

2. In the pop-up, choose to delete either one day, or multiple days:

3. If deleting multiple days, use the date-picker to highlight all the dates you wish to delete.  You can select individual dates by clicking on them, highlight entire weeks, or highlight days of the week (e.g. all Mondays) by clicking on any of the small check boxes at the top of left side.

Click the Delete button when you are done making selections.

*Note:  Participants will NOT be sent an auto-cancellation notice when an entire day is deleted.  To notify participants of an event cancellation, can help you send a message:

  • Before deleting any day(s), go to the Messages tab in the blue menu bar.
  • Select recipients by day, or any other factor, and click Send.  Messages will be sent within 30 minutes.


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