How do I delete days within My SignUp?

Deleting a single day or multiple days within a SignUp is easy - we have a few methods to choose from depending on how many days you wish to delete. 

Important notes before you begin: 

  • Your SignUp participation history will also be permanently deleted when you delete days within your SignUp. Consider running an Export report for your records before deleting the days. Do so in the Reports tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. 
  • Participants will NOT be sent an auto-cancellation notice when an entire day is deleted. To notify participants of an event cancellation, consider sending a message before deleting any days. Do so in the Messages tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. Messages will be sent within 30 minutes.
Deleting Days
1. Start by opening the Spots tab of your SignUp's Organizer view.  Access the Spots Tab in your SignUp's Organizer view in one of two ways:
  • From the Dashboard, click on the SignUp title listed under My SignUps. 
  • When you login, choose the Organize tab / My SignUps screenthen click on the SignUp title. 

2. Choose the first date you want to delete in the Spots tab (List View) and then click the orange Delete link. If the date is in the past, please adjust the Filter By pull-down menu to show Past Spots. 

3. In the pop-up, click the Delete button to delete just the one date, or the "click here" link to delete multiple dates. 

4. When deleting multiple days: 

  • Use the Choose tab to delete a handful of dates.
    • Click on individual dates you wish to delete, or highlight entire weeks or the days of the week (e.g. all Mondays) by clicking on any of the small check boxes at left side or top of the calendar. 
    • Click the Delete button to permanently delete the days. 
  • Use the Date Range tab to delete several months at once. 
    • Select a Start Date and End Date of the date range to be deleted. The End Date WILL also be deleted. 
    • Click the Delete button to permanently delete the days. 
    • You will see a progress spinner counting down the dates and confirmation message once all dates are permanently deleted.



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