How do I invite participants from a previous SignUp or Contact List?

To invite participants from a previous SignUp, please follow these instructions:

1) Find your SignUp in My SignUps and click the Manage link to access your Organizer view.


2) Click the Invite tab in the blue menu bar and check the first option Send an email through



3) Select the pull-down menu Add from Previous SignUp or Add from Contact List, and choose your prior SignUps from the list, one at a time.  When your list is complete click Send Invitations.


-      You may choose to invite participants from as many previous activities and Contact Lists as you like. 

-      The number of participants invited from previous activities may exceed 150 at a time and are not subject to the same new participant batch limit as new invitations. 

- will automatically screen for duplicates and only send each participant one email invitation.

This quick video will review all your invitation options, including inviting from a previous SignUp:


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