How Do I Import Emails or Create Contact Lists?

Contact Lists lets you store participant lists for easy messaging, invitations, and reporting. Enter contacts one by one, or Import your list from many common formats.

To get started, login and go to your My Tools menu and choose Contact Lists.

Choose Create a New List in the right column and give your list a Name.

Either add contacts one-by-one, or click Import to upload a list from your past SignUps, a .CSV or Excel file, or from DirectorySpot, TeamSnap, or Gmail.

When you import your list, you can review and edit the contacts before uploading them. Click the green pencil to edit any list, and the trash can to delete it.

You can choose the Contact List option when sending messages and invitations, or running reports on your SignUps.  In addition, you can use the Contact List to manually Assign Spots to Participants.

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