How to create a Committee Picker SignUp Sheet/ SignUp Interest Form makes it easy to publish Committee Pickers and Volunteer Interest forms!

Getting Started

  1. Choose a No Specific Day SignUp Sheet
  2. List Committee Options
  3. Customize your SignUp
  4. Invite Members to sign up for their Choice of Committees

Step 1: Choose a No Specific Day SignUp Sheet

Sign in and choose No Specific Day type SignUp.

Step 2: List Committee Options as Spots

Complete the light blue entry fields as if you're talking to someone and telling them what you need.

Create a new Spot for each Committee or Volunteer Job Type that people can sign up for. Decide if there an unlimited number of spots, or if you have an ideal number of participants in mind. Likely you will set the time to 'anytime'. (see example below)

Add any extra details like a job description then Save this Spot then return to Create a New Spot.


  makes it easy to add more Spots to this SignUp that will share the same extra details

Step 3: Customize your SignUp

Add a logo or banner image and choosing a background theme.

Step 4: Invite Members to sign up

Once you have finished your list, preview your SignUp then Invite members to choose their Spots.



For options to invite your potential volunteers/participants, please see:

How do I invite people to sign up for My SignUps?

* * *

Once committee members have all signed up, you can print rosters, Export data into Excel or other files, or create new SignUp sheets to invite members (single day or multiple day). Click Invite from Previous to automatically populate the committee members’ email addresses in new activity invitations!

Happy Planning!

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