Tour of My SignUps Invite Tab

The Invite Tab makes it easy to invite participants to your activities. This short video will review your options, or scroll down to see the overview below:

Access My SignUps one of two ways:

1) From the Dashboard, click on the SignUp listed under My SignUps;

2) From the Home Page choose Organize/My SignUps, then click on the SignUp.

(Please note: There is a SHOW option that allows you to see different types of SignUps. If you cannot find the SignUp you are looking for, change the SHOW option to 'All SignUps, All Archived SignUps, etc.' to find the right one).

Once you found the SignUp, click on the SignUp name or click Manage and choose Invite:

The Invite tab allows you invite participants to your SignUp by sending an email invitation, providing a shareable link, inviting people through Facebook and/or Twitter, and putting a button on a website. You can choose one option or all of the options.

Inviting with Email

If you would like to use email to send your invitations, check the box labeled Send an email through SignUp.

You can enter email addresses of your participants, choose a list from a previous SignUp, or choose a Contact List, if you have created one.  When entering a list manually, you are limited to batches of 150.  You can send multiple batches, but each is limited to 150 email addresses.  For large lists, we recommend sharing the Shareable link below.


Caution:  Do not send a personal invitation to group email addresses or list-serves, use a shareable link below, instead.


Inviting with a Shareable Link

You can add a shareable link into emails, newsletters, or web pages. Simply check the Get a shareable link box and cut and paste the link.

Inviting with Social Media

You can use social media to contact your participants.  Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all available options. 

NOTE: To send invitations to multiple SignUps at once or to participants on all SignUps posted to your Group Pages, please choose Advanced Messaging from the My Tools Menu.

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