How do I invite people to sign up for my SignUp?

At, we offer two basic ways for you to recruit and invite participants to sign up for your activity:

  • Private Invitation: Enter email addresses directly and will send personal invitations.
  • Shareable SignUp Link or Button: Paste a Shareable Invitation Link anywhere - in your own email message or email group (listserve), newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter, or on a website or blog. We also offer an embeddable pre-coded HTML SignUp button.  You can also use Remind (a texting service) to text your links to your potential participants.

Please watch this quick video to review your invitation options:

If you are in the process of creating a new SignUp, the invitation options are shown at the end of the setup. If you have already created a SignUp, click the SignUp Title (from your Dashboard or My SignUps tab) to open your SignUp on the Invite options. Then click on the Invite tab.


This will reveal several options for inviting your participants and look like this:


Private Invitation

To send Private Invitations coded to each person's email address, check Send Email Invites through

You may either enter email addresses individually, copy/paste them from another source like a spreadsheet (batches of 150 at a time) or Invite from a Previous SignUp, or Invite from a Contact List.



Note: You may invite people from any previous activity you organized using the pull-down menu, Add From Previous SignUp or from any Contact List

  • Any size group (even more than 150) will be added automatically.
  • If you add from multiple previous Signups, people listed in more than one roster will only receive one invitation.
  • For information on how to import to a Contact List, see:  How Do I Import Emails or Create Contact Lists? 

NOTE:  Personal Invitations must be sent from the desktop version and are not available on mobile devices.


Shareable Invitation Link

To paste a Shareable Invitation Link anywhere (in your own email message or email group (listserve, YahooGroup), Facebook page, Twitter, or on a website or blog), please check one or more of these options:

  • Get a Shareable Link
  • Invite on Facebook or Twitter
  • Put a Button on a Web Site
  • Share on Remind





Note: Anyone clicking a Shareable SignUp Link may enter their email address and sign up for your activity -- it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to screen and approve participants, parents and volunteers.

Button for Website: This html code must be entered in the 'html editor' of your website, blog or newsletter, not in the 'rich text' editor. Note:  the html code for website button is only allowed on the desktop and is not available on mobile devices.

Share on Remind:  To use this option, you must have an account with and be signed into that account when choosing this option on


Shareable Invitation Link on Mobile

When accessing your SignUp from a mobile device, click the SignUp Name on your List of My SignUps (Upcoming).  Then, click the Share option.



The options available for sending the shareable invitation link on mobile devices are:

Share via Email - Will take you to the email set up on your mobile device.

Copy Shareable Link - Copies the Shareable Link, so you can paste it where you want.

Share via Text - Will take you to your texting option and allow you to send it to one or more people.

Share on Facebook and Share on Twitter - Will access the appropriate app (if loaded on your phone) and allow you to post your Shareable Invitation Link.

Share on Remind - You must be signed into your Remind account on your mobile device to use this option.


May I mix it up?

You bet! Please use any or all of the SignUp and recruiting methods that work best for your group. We find the more ways you give participants access, the more that signup!

NOTE: If you put a list of SignUps on a Group Page, there is a shareable invitation option for the Group Page.  Please see:  How do I invite people to sign up on my Group Page?

NOTE: To send invitations to multiple SignUp at once or to participants on all SignUps posted to your Group Pages, please choose Advanced Messaging from the My Tools Menu.

See:  Can I send an Invitation to Multiple SignUps or to participants invited to Group Page SignUps?

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