How do I set up a Giving Tree, Angel List or Adopt-a-Family Group Gift SignUp? makes it easy to for any group to bring Holiday cheer!

  • Create your Giving Tree SignUp by entering your list of families to buy for and gift suggestions, and inviting your supporters to sign up.
  • Supporters securely choose a child or family to buy for from your list. It's easy to sign up with a few clicks from any device, no app downloads or account registration needed.
  • SignUp will send automated confirmation and reminder messages so supporters keep their commitments during the busy holiday season.

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As you prepare your Holiday Wish List, there are different options, depending on your goals and your group. The main video here will guide you in how to Plan a SignUp. We also offer a Concierge Service for groups with long lists who are short on time (details below).


Setting Up Your Gift List SignUp

Please consider these options as you work through the planning steps in creating your Giving Tree SignUp --  these are a few fields to pay extra attention to:

SignUp Kind:  On the first planning screen, choose either a Single Day or No Specific Day Sign Up Kind

Single Day:  Choose the date all gifts are DUE. An automated reminder will be sent 2 days before this date to help supporters remember their commitments. (You may change the timing or disable reminders in your Settings tab.)

No Specific Day:  This type of SignUp will not generate reminder emails. Some groups prefer this because reminders can be confusing for supporters who have already delivered their gifts. Instead, you would use the Messages tab to send a custom reminder message before the due date. For example: "For those who have still not dropped off their gifts, please remember...."




Welcome Message: We recommend adding the gift drop-off directions and due date in the Welcome Message that supporters will see when they first view the SignUp. 



Spot Extra Details: When Adding a Spot (the gift or child that supporters will sign up for), please also include the drop-off instructions and due date here. This information will automatically be included in confirmation and reminder messages. (You may even include a map link to your location.)



Creating the Gift List (List of Spots)

How you set up your list of gifts is depends on how you think your supporters will make their choices. 

By Sex + Age:  Our experience has shown that many people choose who they want to buy for by the Sex and Age of the child. Some want to buy for children with similar ages to their own, taking their children to choose and purchase these gifts. To make your SignUp easy to "browse and choose" by Sex + Age, put the each child's Sex + Age first in the Spot Name to create this type of sort:




By Gift Requested:  If instead, your supporters prefer to make their gift decision by the cost/type of items requested, you can list the gift item in the Spot Name and put the child's name, age and sex in the Extra Details field:



NEW: Concierge Service Available

Do you have a huge list, but little time for planning? offers a Giving Tree Concierge Service for a nominal fee to make creating your holiday SignUp a breeze. Please contact us at and request information about the Giving Tree Concierge Service. We'll share instructions on how to create a spreadsheet so we can upload all the children and their wishes.


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