Can I run Reports Across Multiple SignUps or for All My SignUps?

Premium and Campus Plan* members have many custom options for running reports across multiple SignUps, by Group Page, or by Organization/Campus Plan Code.

Access Premium Reporting in the My Tools tab when you login, or from the My Reports section of your Dashboard.



Select your report type:

The top five reporting options are available to ALL Premium Max subscribers, which includes all accounts upgraded as a part of a Campus Plan or Organization Plan. The bottom four reports let the lead Campus or Organization Plan administrator run reports across SignUps organized with the School or Organization License Code. Reports include:

All Fields Export: All fields for all selected SignUps including the SignUp Title, Organizer, spots filled and unfilled, and Participant information 

Participant Hours Summary: Summary of all Participants including the total number of hours signed up for

Participant Hours & Details: Detailed list of all Participants by SignUp including the total number of hours signed up for and custom registration information

SignUp Summary: Summary of all SignUps listing total number of Spots requested and filled, hours and more

Our Reports generator will guide you in selecting the SignUps to include in the report, choosing your date range and options, and the report format (.csv or Excel). 

Your report will be emailed to you in a few minutes and saved in your Dashboard for quick access next time.

At any time you may Create a New Report, or Edit, Delete or Run an existing report.

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