How Do I Cancel or Postpone My SignUp / Event?

If you need to postpone your SignUp or event, and know when the new date is go to this help article instead:  How Do I Change the Date of My SignUp?


To Cancel your SignUp or Event, or postpone it indefinitely, please follow this two-step best practice: First alert your participants, then archive the SignUp(s). You can also deactivate an entire Group Page to take it off line. 


1. Alert your Participants: Send your Participants a message letting them know you're cancelling or postponing the event.

For a single SignUp, do so in the Messages tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. (Login and click the Organize tab /MySignUps screen, click on the SignUp Title and then go to the Messages tab.) You can choose to send a message to everyone, or choose by participant status, date or shift. 


When cancelling multiple SignUps, send the message in the Advanced Messaging screen of the My Tools tab (at the top of the site when you login). Learn how here: Can I a message to participants across multiple SignUps or Group Pages?

2. Archive the SignUp(s): Archiving makes it so Participants can't access the SignUp but you can still restore your SignUp plans in the future. In the My SignUps screen of the Organize tab, select the SignUp(s) to archive and click the orange Archive button. The system will deactivate each SignUp, storing it in the Archive view and no-one will be able to select or change their assignments. 


NOTE: Archived SignUps can be restored at anytime by changing the Filter at the top of the My SignUps screen to show Archived SignUps, selecting the SignUp(s) to restore and click the orange Restore button. 


To set a new date for Postponed SignUps, please first Restore your SignUp first then see the detail in this help article:  How Do I Change the Date of My SignUp? 

3. Deactivating your Group Page(s)

If you've shared a link to a Group Page, by deactivating it, Participants won't be access the Group Page but you can still restore it and (all the SignUps posted on it) in the future. In the My Group Pages screen of the Organize tab, select the Group Page(s) you want to deactivate and click the orange Deactivate button at the top of the page. Participants will see a note that says: This Group Page is not currently active. Please check back at a later date. 


The system will deactivate the Group Page until you repeat the process and Activate it in the future. NOTE: If Participants have separate invitation links to the individual SignUps listed on the Group Page, the SignUps will still be active until you Archive them as described in Step 2 above.



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