My SignUp isn't ready or I don't see the Organizer view tabs (Details, Spots, Participants, Invite, etc)

If your participants are getting a message that your SignUp isn't ready yet, or you're not seeing the active Organizer view navigation bar (shown below), your SignUp is likely still in the Planning Wizard mode.

SignUps in the Planning Wizard mode will show a red triangle icon in the Dashboard Status View. When you complete the Planning Wizard, your SignUp will be active and ready for participants to choose their spots, and the triangle will go away.


It's easy to finish the Planning Wizard steps:

Open your SignUp to the Organizer view by clicking on the SignUp name. Then, finish each of the Planning steps by clicking the Next button at the top of the screen until you arrive at step 4.

On the final screen, Step 4, the setup is complete, your SignUp is active, and you can now invite your participants. You will also see the active Organizer view navigation bar when you next enter the Signup.

For a quick video tour of all your Organizer views and options, please click here: Managing your SignUp

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