Managing your SignUps - Quick Video Tour

Your Organizer views and controls: Managing, Editing, Messaging & Reporting

MySignups After setting-up your SignUp in the Planning Wizard, you will access your SignUp in either the Organize tab or your Dashboard when you login. Use the Show pull-down menu to view All your SignUps, Past SignUps, Favorites, or Archived SignUps.

To navigate SignUps, choose one of the following:

  • Choose Preview to see the "participant" view of your SignUp - this is the exact view your people (volunteers, parents, participants) see when they sign up. Note: To enable this view, you must accept pop-ups from To override a pop-up blocker, click in your browser:

  • Choose Manage and your SignUp will open in the Organizer View where you can edit your SignUp, check status, send messages and more.  This is the most used option, see the options below.
  • Choose Tools to Pass the Baton, Duplicate or Archive the SignUp.  See the options below.

Manage Options:

The Invite/Share tab allows you invite participants several different ways. You can add new participants via email - up to 150 in a batch. This option sends a Personal Email Invitation to each potential participant. You may also generate a Shareable Invitation Link or HTML button giving you the option of inviting potential participants through an email list-serve or by posting a link on your organization's website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed.


The Reports tab is where you can print a report to see Who's Coming and also includes SignUp and sign-in sheets by day or month, participant Roster and an Export option. Export allows you to download a .CSV file of your SignUp details to an Excel spreadsheet. Save a copy of the file for your records or share it with others.

Premium and Campus Plan members will see additional report options which includes Tracking Volunteer Hours and Extra Registration Fields reports.


Spots/Status allows you to view or edit your SignUp in List View or Calendar View.

The Calendar View shows your SignUp at-a-glance. You can see how many people have signed up and how many people or items are still needed. (Please see details below). From either List View or Calendar View, you can make changes to your list of tasks/shifts/items, copy a day's schedule to other days or SignUps, view and print SignUp status, and give participants specific assignments.


The Details tab is where you modify the general SignUp information as well as the location of the event or the "Welcome" message (displayed at the top of the participant SignUp screen).

You may choose to allow volunteers to see who else is signed up or not. The Swap option can be activated here. Swap allows participants to electronically request a swap of assignments.

Organizer information and adding Assistant Organizers is also on this tab.


The Participants tab is used to see who has signed up for spots, and who has viewed/not viewed your invitation. You may also view or edit participant names, phone numbers, or additional fields.



The Message tab allows you to send messages or Thank You notes to your participants. You can select recipients by response status, date scheduled, by spot or individually. Messages always include a direct link to your SignUp sheet.


The Details tab allows you to change the SignUp name, welcome message and location.  In addition, premium users can add/remove assistant organizers or add custom registration fields.


The Contributions tab allows you to solicit contributions via your Signup form. This is an interface with WePay, our trusted and secure payments provider. You may view more details here:

How do I collect money for contributions, dues & fees, or to sell tickets, t-shirts & other items?

NOTE: The Contributions tab will only show in this menu if you already have setup contributions on your SignUp. 


The Settings tab has four options for customizing your SignUp:

  • Change your Organizer Email Notification Preferences
  • Change background Themes or add a logo to your Signup
  • Post your SignUp to a published Group Page
  • Add a Waiver or Required Form (Premium members only)


Tools Options:


Pass the Baton will move your SignUp completely to another account.  You will no longer have access to the SignUp on your account.


Duplicate allows you to either make an exact copy of the SignUp on the same date, or to make a duplicate of the SignUp starting on a specific date in the future.


Archive makes your SignUp inactive.  Invitation links will no longer work and the SignUp's data will not be included on any Premium Reports.


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