I can not find my past SignUp, spots, list of participants/volunteers.

If you cannot find a past SignUp with it's list of participants/volunteers and/or spots, there are a few areas to check:

1. Your SignUp may be in the Past SignUps list or the Archived SignUps list. When viewing your list of SignUp  in My SignUps or the Dashboard, click on Show:

2. If you are looking for a list of past participants, it may be on the current SignUp. When creating a SignUpfor a new year, some organizers choose to use the same SignUp and copy the date forward; instead of making a new SignUp. Please click Manage on your existing SignUp and view the Participants tab. To invite this list to the new date, use the Message tab.

3. If you still cannot find your SignUp, it may be on a different account. Please click the support button on the left and contact our support department and let us know:

the name of the SignUp

the approximate date of the SignUp

the account email addresses it may be under

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