I can't find my past SignUp, item list, or list of Participants/Volunteers. never deletes your past activities. If you can't find a past SignUp, there are a few places to check:

1. Adjust the Filter By pull-down menu on your Dashboard tab or in the Organize tab/ My Sign-ups screen to show Past Sign-ups or to show Archived Sign-ups.

Note: Archived Sign-ups must be restored before Plans can be refreshed. (In the Filter By/Archived Sign-ups view, click Tools menu to the right of the SignUp Title and choose Restore. You can then see the SignUp when you change the Filter By view back to All Sign-ups.)


2. If you still don't see your SignUp listed, it may have been planned under a different account/email address. Please search for past notifications from to find the correct Organizer's email address and login with that address and then review #1 above.

3. If you still can't find the SignUp, please click the Support button on the left and Contact Us, sharing the following information:

  • SignUp name
  • Approximate start date
  • A Shareable Invitation link (URL) or any other notification link to the SignUp
  • Any account email addresses that may have been used to organize the SignUp

Please also seeHow do I copy last year's or season's set-up to this year?


Inviting Previous Participants

If you want to re-invite people who have previously participated in your SignUp, check the Participants tab in your SignUp's Organizer view as they are likely already listed there.

  • To re-invite everyone to the same SignUp, go to the SignUp's Invite tab and click the Re-Send Invitations button at the bottom of the screen (screen shot below).
  • To re-invite a select group of Participants, please do so in the Messages tab of your SignUp's Organizer view instead of in the Invite tab.
  • To invite people to this SignUp from a different SignUp or from a Contact List, please use the Add from Previous SignUp or Add from Contact List pull-down menu buttons shown below.



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