Can I lock my entire SignUp or schedule a date and time for it to open and close?

SignUp Locking is available as a Premium feature in the Plus and Max Premium levels (which includes Campus Plans and Organization Plans).  It is very helpful for both events and ongoing activities. Consider SignUp Locking if you want to control when participants have access to your SignUp such as a planned opening days for registration, or when you want to lock the SignUp on a specific dates to prevent people from making additions or changes to their assignments.

Enable SignUp Locking from the Settings tab of your SignUp’s Organizer view. Note: Basic (free) account holders may manually lock individual dates in the Spots tab of the SignUp's Organizer view.

From the SignUp Locking screen you may:  

  1.  Lock or Unlock the entire SignUp at any time.
  2.  Schedule a date and time for the SignUp to lock and/or unlock automatically.
  3. Schedule a Lock/Unlock Reminder email to send to participants already associated with the SignUp (people listed in SignUp’s Participants tab).
  4. Schedule a Rolling Lock - a set number of days out for the SignUp to open or close automatically on an ongoing basis. (Learn about Rolling Locks here.)




Scroll down for instructions on setting up a SignUp in a locked state.

When the SignUp is Locked, participants see a warning message that looks like this:



Setting Up a Locked Activity

If you want to plan your SignUp and keep it locked until a specific launch date, please follow this sequence:

1. Plan your SignUp completing Steps 1-3. On step 4, Inviting Participants, please Preview your SignUp to ensure it looks as you want it and DO NOT invite anyone yet.

2. Click your Settings tab and choose the SignUp Locking option.  (You will be asked to upgrade if your account is not already Premium.)

3. Lock the SignUp with the slider button.  

4. Schedule the SignUp to Open (and optionally to Close).  


5. Option: Invite participants to your Signup in the Invite tab. Anyone invited directly will get your custom invitation message with this language added:

The Organizer has Locked the SignUp. It is scheduled to unlock on Date, Time.  Please Sign up then


The Organizer has Locked the SignUp. It is scheduled to unlock at Date, Time, please sign up then.  It will Lock again on Date / Time.

6. Option: Set a SignUp Opening or SignUp Closing Reminder.  This is a message that will be sent to everyone on your Participant list at the time it is scheduled to send. 

You can schedule just an opening reminder or both an opening and closing reminder.  The reminders will be sent on the date you request and will show the opening/closing times.  In addition, each message will include a link to the SignUp. It looks like this:


When a Premium Lock is in place, Participants will still be able to see the list of Spots on their phone, but not on a desktop.


See Also:  What are the premium features?



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