What are the premium features?



Summary of Premium Features and Options's Premium Subscriptions include ALL the features of our Basic (Free) service PLUS advanced coordination tools for power planners:

(Note:  All Campus Plan upgrades include all Max level premium features)

  • Priority Email Support - All premium levels (Starter, Plus and Max)
  • Ad-free Option Available (additional fee $9.99/month or $99.00/year) - All premium levels (Starter, Plus and Max)
  • Unlimited Text (SMS) Reminders^ - All premium levels (Starter, Plus and Max) ^ US and Canada Only, SMS charges may apply.
  • Limit How Many Times A Participant Can Sign Up - All premium levels (Starter, Plus and Max)
  • Wait List Notifications - All premium levels (Starter, Plus and Max)
  • Unlimited Group Pages/ Class Pages - All premium levels (Starter, Plus and Max)
  • Custom Participant Registration Fields (in addition to name, email and phone) - Free (1), Starter (2), Plus (3), Max (5)
  • Assistant Organizers (per signup) - Starter (1 per signup), Plus (5 per signup), Max (up to 15 per signup)
  • Coaching Calls - In Plus and Max levels, by appointment
  • Waiver/Release Text Agreement Required to Participate - In Plus and Max levels
  • Participant Check-in - In Plus and Max levels
  • Premium Locking (schedule locking/unlocking, opening/closing of SignUps) - In Plus and Max levels
  • Participant Hours Tracking Reporting - Max level only
  • Reporting Across Multiple SignUps or Groups - Max level only
  • Custom URLs - Max level only

More Information

  • Priority Email Support - Click Help, at the top of the website and complete the Contact Us form when you have questions. Our support team gives Premium subscribers priority response.
  • Unlimited Text (SMS) Reminders - All premium levels (Starter, Plus and Max)  Participants are allowed to choose to have their reminders sent by Text.  Learn more
  • Ad-Free Eligible - Premium and Campus Plan members can add-on an ad-free package to any subscription level for an additional fee. Learn more
  • Limit How Many Times A Participant Can Sign Up - Limit the number of Spots any one participant can sign up for in a Day, Week, or Overall.  Learn more
  • Wait List Notifications - Participants can choose to be notified when popular full Spots open up or new Spots are added to the SignUp.  Learn more
  • Unlimited Group Pages/ Class Pages - Create as many Group/Class Pages as you like.  Each can be customized with a logo and image, and you choose which SignUps to post to each page. Learn more
  • Customizable Participant Registration Fields -'s  Basic service automatically prompts for and records each Participant's email address, name and phone number. Premium subscribers may add custom information fields to capture input from participants when they sign up. This is helpful for capturing information such as T-Shirt size, emergency contacts, certification level, address, group affiliation, teacher's name, student's name, etc.  Example:

  • Assistant Organizers  - Assistant Organizers can be added to any SignUp. You may designate different Assistants for each activity. Learn more
  • Waiver/Release Text Agreement Required to Participate - Add a required text such as a waiver, photo release or confidentiality agreement.  Participants will not be able to sign up without clicking a check box to accept the terms presented. Learn more
  • Participant Check-in - Enable on-site Participant Check-in from any device. Options include authorizing assistants to help with Check-in from their personal devices, allowing Self Check-in, Walkups, and Participant verification of their own hours. Learn more
  • Automatic Locking/Unlocking of SignUps - Preset the time and date to open a signup for participants and to close the signup to future changes. Learn more 
  • Participant Hours Tracking Reports - Participant hours tracking reports can be run for single SignUps or across multiple SignUps.  Learn more
  • Reporting Across Multiple SignUps - Get custom summary and detailed tracking reports across all your SignUps. Learn more
  • Custom URLs - Send us the *Shareable* URL links to your SignUp(s) or Group Page(s) and we can customize the title with your Organization or Event name. Learn more

^ US and Canada only, standard carrier charges apply


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