Allowing Participants to sign up others (family/team members, groups, etc.)

Organizers may allow a person to sign up for someone else using our Sign Up Others feature. This is helpful when family members share an email address, a parent is signing up their child, or a group or team leader is signing up for multiple people.


Organizers:  You may either enable this feature on the first screen when creating a new SignUp, or later in the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. (Access the Details tab by clicking your SignUp title in your Dashboard / in the My SignUps area.)



On mobile devices, click on the SignUp in My SignUps and go to the Details tab.  Then choose Basic Info







If an Organizer chooses to allow it, Participants can sign up themselves and also sign up other Participants such as family members, a team or a group of Participants. Please read the three scenarios below to learn how to best sign up others for your situation:


1. Signing up yourself AND other Participants


2. Signing up other people ONLY (who have their own email addresses)


3. Signing up your child ONLY (or someone else where you are the primary contact)


1. To sign up yourself AND other Participants you will first complete your information and then click the blue button that says "Save and Add Another Person". (If instead you click the green button labeled "Save and Done", only you will be signed up for that Spot.)






You may then enter information for the additional participant:




Note: If your SignUp Organizer requires a waiver be accepted, a parent or guardian can accept the waiver on behalf of their child by checking the box.


2. Signing up other people ONLY (who have their own email addresses). If you are ONLY signing up other people AND they have their own email addresses, list each Participant individually and click "Save and Add Another Person" until all are Participants added, then click "Save and Done".


3. Signing up your child ONLY (or someone else where you are the primary contact). If you are signing up your child or someone else where you are the primary contact for the Organizer, you will first complete your name and contact information with a quantity of '0 Spots' (click the minus sign "-" to enter 0 Spots) then click Save and Add Another Person to assign the spot to your child or the other person.








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