Participants are using our Shareable Invitation link and getting a message that the SignUp is Private, how do I fix this?

If you click a Shareable SignUp link and see the error message below, there are two things to check right away. 

1) Likely, you were already logged into when you clicked the Shareable Invitation link. The immediate solution is to log out and click the Shareable link again in a fresh browser. Participants clicking the link on their own devices will NOT see the error message that you saw. 

Note: Please double check you have the correct Shareable Invitation Link. Get it in the Invite tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. It starts with with 7 CaSe SenSiTive characters after /go/.

2) If you want to permanently prevent this situation, mark the Share option in the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. Selecting this option will also prompt Participants to share the invitation link with others when they sign up.

Please note, if you are signing up multiple people in-person at a live event, please use one of these options:

  • Post the QR Code for the SignUp, or the Shareable URL so each person can immediately sign up from their own smartphone.
  • If you must use a shared computer, after each person signs up, click their name in the upper right corner and Log Out BEFORE entering the Shareable Invitation Link (SignUp URL) again.

If you forget to log out and someone is signed into on the device in use when the shareable link is used, you will see this screen below. When the Participant clicks the blue button "Not <Name>" they will get the error message unless the Share option in the Details tab is checked. 








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