Parent Teacher Conferences - Concierge Service Now Available to Set Up Schedules for the Whole School

At SignUp, we now offer a Parent-Teacher Conference Concierge Service at a small fee. We help you get your entire K-12 school's Parent Teacher Conference schedules set up quickly -- in just 3 easy steps!

How it Works

  1. You send us background information including a teacher roster and conference schedule details.
  2. We set up the Parent Conference SignUps for each teacher and return to you:
      • a Group Page listing all teachers' SignUps under one URL.
      • a Teacher Orientation Letter to guide teachers in using and editing their new schedules.
      • a Quick Start Guide with answers to the most common parent and teacher questions.
  3. You (or teachers) will make any final edits and invite parents to sign up for their class' teacher meetings. Easy Peasy! (see graphic below)

How to Get Started

Please send us an email following this format and our Customer Success team will send you a request for background information and instructions to start the planning process:

Email To: 

Subject: Parent Conference Concierge Service Request

Body: (please customize your email message with the information listed in ALL CAPS below)

My school is interested in SignUp's Parent Teacher Conference Concierge Service. Please send information on how we can get started so we can launch our most stress-free parent-conference season ever!






Parent Teacher Conference Concierge Service Workflow (click here to share)

PTC Concierge Workflow 2023 08.png

To participate, your K-12 school must have a current upgraded Campus Plan and will be invoiced a flat concierge fee of $50 USD. We aim to turnaround your Conference schedules within 2 business days of receiving the requested teacher information and payment. 

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