How do I collect money for contributions, dues & fees, or to sell tickets, t-shirts & other items? makes fundraising a snap -- raise money for your cause, or collect contributions for teacher’s and coach’s gifts, trips, t-shirts, tickets, uniforms, membership fees and more! We have partnered with WePay, the trusted payment transaction company, to make collecting money quick, easy and secure. 

To pay for the swift processing of funds, WePay charges a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 cents per transaction. Through June 30, 2020, has waived our convenience fee and charges NO additional surcharge.


Fees or Contributions-Only SignUps

To create a stand-alone SignUp for collecting money, go to your Dashboard and click the Create New SignUp button then follow the 4-step Planning process:

1. Provide Details: Choose SignUp Kind "Fees or Contributions Only" and complete the requested details.


2.  Setup Contributions: In this step you will Authorize your WePay account to accept payment, and enter details to begin collecting money.

Options include setting up:

 - a goal

 - contribution levels

 - item descriptions and prices

 - inventory levels on items for sale

 - customizing alerts when just a few items are left

3: Choose a Theme:  Upload your logo or choose one of our badge images; add a background.

4: Invite People: Invite people to your Fees or Contributions SignUp via a direct email invitation, a Shareable link posted on your website, Social Media, Newsletter and more.  Payment screens are completely smart-phone optimized. 

Track your payments in the Reports tab of your SignUp and login to WePay to withdraw funds at any time.




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