What is a Group Page?

A Group Page is a custom landing page where you can post links to multiple SignUps in ONE place, giving your participants ONE-stop for your SignUps! Each Basic (free) Organizer account comes with one Group Page. All Premium, Campus and Organization Plan members can publish an unlimited number of Group Pages.

You choose which SignUps show on your Group Page(s).  It can include all your SignUps or only certain ones that you choose.  There is no limit to the number of SignUps you can show on a Group Page.

Customize your Group Page with an image or logo and then choose which SignUps you want to post to the page – just a few or list them all! Please see: How do I setup a Group Page >

Here are sample Group Pages:









Races and Competitions:



 Note to Campus Plan Members:  You can allow any other organizer on your Campus Plan access to post their SignUps to your group page(s).  Please see:

How can another organizer post a SignUp to my Group Page?


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