What is the Campus Plan for K-12 Schools?

Want to Use School-Wide? Our Campus Plan is for you!

We are privileged and excited to support your good work and offer a special Campus Plan for K-12 Schools! saves parents and teachers hundreds of hours getting organized and boosts parent participation in the classroom, programs and fundraisers. Some commonly asked questions to consider:

1. What is included in the Campus Plan?

Our K-12 Campus Plan combines the simple convenience of's free service with the extra planning and collaboration power of our Premium features, including:

  • Premium Upgrade License for up to 150 Teachers, Staff and Parent Leaders
  • Unlimited parent and student Participants
  • Parent/Volunteer Hours Tracking
  • Custom Participant Registration Fields (e.g., T-shirt sizes, teacher's name, child's name, class)
  • Up to 15 Assistant Organizers per SignUp
  • Unlimited Custom Group/Class Pages
  • Premium Locking (schedule locking/unlocking, opening/closing of SignUps)
  • Add Waivers or Required Releases
  • Permissioned Posting to School Group Page(s)
  • Invitations and Messaging Across SignUps
  • Reporting Across SignUps
  • Custom URLs for SignUps and Group Pages
  • Participant Check-in and hours validation
  • Add-free Eligible (additional fee)
  • Priority Email Support

2. How do I get the Campus Plan for K-12 Schools?

First, you must have a registered account.  If you have not yet registered, go to and click Register.  Then, you can click Go Premium! and choose to upgrade to the Campus Plan. You will automatically be emailed a unique School License Promo Code for up to 150 authorized organizers (teachers, staff, parent leaders). Anyone with your School License Promo Code will be able to organize activities and Group/Class Page(s) using SignUp's Premium service and can be invited to your School Group Page(s). Parent and volunteer SignUp data will be tracked and available to you in school-wide reports following your first full month of service. Click here to Register or Upgrade >

3. Do we need the K-12 Campus Plan?

Anyone organizing SignUps in your school is welcome and invited to use our FREE, basic service, at any time! Please see our article about using SignUp at different levels in your school: Click here

For schools or parent groups wanting a more centralized approach, our Campus Plan makes it extra easy (and cost-effective) to share planned activities, post SignUps to common School and Class Group Pages, and track parent and volunteer participation across Signups. Compare our free and Campus plans here.

4. Should I put all my needs on one SignUp calendar?

You CAN put all your school SignUps on one calendar but we do not recommend it. Schools typically have many different people organizing SignUps (teachers, committee chairs, room parents) and parents will respond best to specific targeted requests to participate.

For example, you may wish to invite all the parents to volunteer at the school carnival or bring food for the welcome potluck, but for scheduling class readers or parent-teacher conferences, each teacher will invite his or her own class parents. For more examples, please see this article: How should I set up my school with

5. What if I want parents to access all our school, grade or classroom SignUps in one place?

There are a few options for achieving this goal:

First, the easiest solution is to use our convenient Group Page(s). Each SignUp organizer gets one FREE Group Page with our free service and an unlimited number of Group Pages with our Campus Plan. You may customize the page with your school logo or any image, and pick and choose which SignUps to post to the page. Parents access your Group Page with ONE link and can quickly see which SignUps are full and where you still need help. Examples:

School Group Page


Classroom Group Page


Carnival Event Group Page



Second, your individual organizers (parent leaders and teachers) can quickly provide a Shareable SignUp Link to each activity. These links (or formatted SignUp buttons) can be easily posted on your school’s web page, Facebook page or any eNewsletter.

We also offer calendar sync of multiple SignUps to an embedded Google calendar on your website - Learn more here.

6. Can we transfer our Premium membership from one organizer to another organizer?

It depends on the length of your Premium subscription.

For Campus Plan and one-year Premium subscription holders, we can transfer the Premium upgrade to a new organizer email address quickly – please send us a request to

For monthly subscription holders, please cancel your next month’s service and have the new organizer upgrade their own account.

For more information on how best to set up your school with, please see this help article: How should I set up my school with

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