Setting up School-Wide SignUp Events (Back to School Events)

Note: for tips on planning SignUps for 2020 (pandemic) Back to School, please see this article.  

The best way to support your back-to-school SignUps is a multichannel approach giving parents many options to identify their interest -- wherever they are, at any time:

  • Before school starts, create a Committee Picker SignUp Sheet/ Volunteer Interest Form listing all the ways parents can pitch in and committees they can choose to join. Post the Shareable Invitation Link to the Interest Form SignUp on your website and in newsletters, Facebook, group texts (via Remind), etc.
  • If you're ready, you can set up individual SignUp calendars for each committee (e.g. Drop-off volunteers, Health Screeners, Cafeteria volunteers, Library volunteers, Office Helpers, Carnival committee, Book Fair, etc.) and post the SignUps to a custom School Group Page. Publish the Group Page link ahead of time in your school communication channels. Parents can first choose where to pitch in and then select their schedule, with just a few clicks from any device.

Does your school host a live back-to-school event where parents sign up for committees, going table to table in a large auditorium? If so – these tips will come in handy:

  • Our free iPad app, Clipboard by, is ideal for in-person SignUps. The Clipboard app is a virtual clipboard SignUp sheet that links to your activities so parents can choose their spots and a confirmation message will be waiting when they get home. {wifi required}
  • Another great option is to post a slide or poster with the SHAREABLE SignUp Invitation Link - so parents can sign up from their smartphones right in the meeting. You could also generate and print a unique QR Code for each committee’s SignUp URL (for the individual SignUp or a Group Page). Tech-savvy parents can scan the QR code at the table and choose their spots right from their smartphones. Its super easy - here's a link to a popular QR Code generator:
  • If you still have parents who prefer signing up on paper SignUp sheets, no problem - the Reports tab of each SignUp has a printable SignUp Sheet ready for you! Once parents have signed up, we make it easy to input assignments directly into your SignUp and we’ll remind parents when it is their turn to help. Please see: How to Make Assignments from Paper SignUp Sheets
  • On laptops/computers - you may Bookmark the SignUp’s SHAREABLE SignUp link (URL) for each individual SignUp at each committee station. After one person signs up and saves their spots, then click the bookmark so the next person starts at the email entry screen and can then sign up. Note: NEVER GO BACK from one person's confirmation page directly into the SignUp choices - or the next parent will overwrite the first parent's assignments.

BONUS – download and print this SignUp station poster – just put the name of each committee in the ‘cloud’ and put a poster at each table so parents know where to go. Click below to download a poster you can use.


Best of luck and have a fantastic school year!


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