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SignUp offers powerful planning tools for every group's goals and budget. Our Basic (Free) service is packed with helpful features and meet most group's needs. Our Premium Plans offer additional muscle for power-planners. Our account features are listed below and you may review our Plan options and pricing here. Both monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions (discounted) are available for all Premium Plans. 

Basic (Free) Account Features

  • Unlimited Activities, SignUps & Participants
  • 1 Custom Group/Class Page
  • 365 day calendar for planning shifts, jobs, supplies
  • Participant SignUp – NO password required
  • Quick multiday copy
  • Swift scheduling of recurring shifts and conference appointments with AutoFill
  • 1 activity organizer
  • Collect Contributions and Fees (US and Canadian Dollars)
  • Smartphone SignUps and calendar sync
  • Simple shift swap (for participants)
  • Add invitation links to Facebook, Twitter and Remind
  • Invite participants via printable QR Code
  • Invite participants with our email or yours
  • Post SignUp links and buttons in newsletters, websites, and more
  • Add document links from Dropbox, Box or Google Drive
  • Add links for online meetings (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.)
  • Make simple manual assignments
  • Automated email reminders
  • Print sign in sheets, calendar summaries and rosters
  • Send thank you notes
  • Export data including basic hours
  • Private & Secure
  • Ad-Free Eligible (additional fee)

Individual Premium Account Features (features vary by account level, learn more here)

All the features of our Basic (Free) version PLUS...

  • Text (SMS) Reminders (US, Canada & Australia)
  • Custom Participant Questions (e.g., T-shirt sizes, group affiliation, student's name, date of birth)
  • Set a Limit on How Many Times Each Person Can Sign Up
  • Notification Wait-list for Participants
  • Add Assistant Organizers to each SignUp (up to 15 with the Max-level Plan)
  • Participant Hours Tracking
  • Scheduled Locking/Unlocking of SignUps
  • Rolling Opening/Closing of SignUps on an ongoing basis
  • Electronic Participant Check-in
  • Unlimited Customizable Group/Class Pages
  • Custom URLs for SignUps and Group Pages
  • Add a Waiver, Release or Required Document
  • Participant Summary and Hours Reporting Across SignUps
  • Priority Email Support
  • Coaching calls via Zoom

Special Premium Plans:

Campus Plan for K-12 Schools

The Campus Plan brings power-planning to the entire school campus with up to 150 Max-level Premium accounts so all teachers, staff and parent-leaders can plan SignUps with ease. Premium Reporting is available across all SignUps under the Plan and members can post their SignUps to the School's Group Page. Learn more here. 

Organization Plan

The Organization Plan brings power-planning to workplace, league, or event leaders with up to 25 Max-level Premium accounts so individual area leaders can plan their own SignUps with ease. Premium Reporting is available across all SignUps under the Plan and members can post their SignUps to the Organization's Group Page. Learn more here. 


For more details, see: 

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