How can I change the sort order for the ToDo/Bring list in SignUp?

The SignUp's Participant view is automatically sorted, regardless of the order Spot items are entered by the Organizer. Here is the order in which Spots are sorted -- knowing how the SignUp Spots are sorted allows you to manipulate the order by choosing your Start Times and Spot Titles carefully.

  1. Spots with No Start time first
  2. Spots in Start time order
  3. Spots with the same Start time, sorted by Spot Title

Tricks for Manipulating the Sort Order

  • Since the first sort is always by time, if you don't need to track service hours, you can add the time in the Spot Title text or in the Extra Details field to then force the sort to be by Spot Title.

Sort Order
**Note: this is not recommended if you are tracking participant hours.

  •  If a series of Spots have the SAME Start Time, you can change the order of a list by adding letters or numbers in front of the Spot Titles. The items will show up in alphabetical order by the letter or number you've added. Examples of Spots to sign up to bring things:
  a. Potting Soil (20lbs) 01. Main Dish (vegetarian)
  b. Mixed Bulbs 02. Large Green Salad 
  c. Flower Pots 03. Brownies (1 tray)


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