How can I change the sort order for the ToDo/Bring list in SignUp?

Regardless of the order ToDo/Brings are entered in My Activities, there is a set sort order when viewed by potential participants. Here is the order in which ToDo/ToBring tasks are sorted, when viewed by participants:

  1. No Start Time entry
  2. By start hour/minute
  3. By Description of job (shift or task)
  4. By Job type (“shift” ToDo before “task” ToBring)
  5. By end hour/minute

Knowing how sorts items allows you to manipulate the order choosing your Start Times, Descriptions carefully.

The first sort is always by time. If you do not need to track volunteer hours, you can put the time in the Spot Description or Extra Details to then force the sort to be by Spot Description.

If a series of items have the same Start Time, you can change the order of a list by adding letters in front of the item descriptions. The items will show up in alphabetical order by the letter you've added. For example:

  1. Shovels
  2. Flower Pots
  3. Bags of Mulch

If you want to NOT have items sorted by time, you can move the Start/End Times to the Description or Extra Details. Here is an example:

Sort Order
**Note: this is not recommended if you are tracking participant hours.

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