How do I configure Large Events (Carnivals, Festivals, Races, etc.) using is designed to manage small to very large coordination needs. Some of our largest groups coordinate anywhere from 500-25,000 volunteers and 200,000+ participants in their events such as carnivals, charity races, service days, and music/art festivals. How you choose to use depends on your community and support structure.

Organizing any large event is definitely more art than science. Two popular options for coordinating volunteers for large events are Central Shift SignUp and Job-Specific SignUp.

Option 1: Central Shift SignUp

This option offers you the greatest flexibility in deploying event volunteers and works similarly to how a seating hostess works in a restaurant. Participants are simply asked to choose a shift to volunteer. When they arrive to help, they report to an on-site volunteer coordinator who assigns them to a specific job and location. This allows the coordinator to assign volunteers to stations as they are needed during the event, making sure mission-critical areas are covered before optional (or less important) areas. Here is a sample SignUp:


Please review our quick video on How to Plan Shifts for your SignUp and learn about using our mobile on-site Participant Check-in.

Option 2: Job-Specific SignUp

If you have multiple organizers recruiting participants or have 700-1000+ volunteers who expect to help, we recommend splitting your SignUp into more than one signup sheet (by job, booth-type, location or task), and then posting all the signup sheets on one Group Page.

This makes it easier for participants to see where help is needed, find their preferred job and shift without scrolling through hundreds of options, and keeps running quickly for people accessing from older, slower computers. Below are Group Page examples for a large music festival and a school carnival:



Carnival Group Page

Follow these steps to create a Job-Specific SignUp:

  • Create Multiple Signup Sheets - For example, for a large community festival, you could create individual SignUp sheets by area of need.
      • Ticket Booth
      • Concessions
      • Garbage Clean-Up
      • Parking
      • Medical Services (certification required)
      • Children's Tent
      • Volunteer Appreciation Party

Tip: If each SignUp has similar shifts and information, plan your first SignUp, then quickly duplicate the SignUp (Click on the SignUp, choose Duplicate, and then rename the activity SignUp.)


  • Link all your SignUps to an event Group Page and then invite participants with a shareable Group Page URL or SignUp Button embedded on your website. The quick video in this article explains how: Setting up a Group Page

Note: Our Premium service offers large event Organizers extra planning power including adding Assistant Organizers, Extra Registration Fields, Waivers, Advanced Reporting across activities, and more. Please see a complete feature list and compare plans and pricing here.

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