How to Plan Parent-Teacher Conferences

Planning parent-teacher conferences is easy with – teachers will love how much time we save getting organized and parents appreciate simple SignUps and reminders. This short video will show you how:  


Getting Started

  • To begin the Planning Wizard, click on  from your Dashboard.
  • Complete the first step of the Planning Wizard by Choosing the SignUp Kind: Single or Multiple Days and Category: Parent-Teacher Conferences.

  • Screen two of the Planning Wizard prompts you to Add New Spots by clicking, the +Create New Spot Button:


Add a Spot

Complete this section as if you would be telling someone when you need parents to attend as if you are speaking to them. We think you'll find it easy to answer the questions and proceed with adding all your Spot details.

Step 1. What do you want people to sign up for?

  • Using the light blue entry fields, enter your first conference appointment - you will likely want 1 person to attend your Parent Conference at a given time.

  • Then, click the orange Add Shifts button to add multiple conference appointments at once. (these can then be copied to multiple days in Step 2, if needed.)


  • Using the pull-down menus, first choose the day's start time and end time, then the conference appointment length and if you want a break time in between appointments.
  • The lower part of the screen will automatically show the conference appointments that will be created. Edit your entries until you are satisfied with the results. The black x will delete any single appointment in the series, for example if you want a lunch break.
  • Click Apply and all conference appointments will be added to your SignUp in one step. In the example above we are adding 15 minute conference appointments from 2pm to 5pm with a 5 minute break in between each one.

Step 2: What day(s) does this Spot happen?

  • Select the date of your conference (or multiple dates) by clicking on the calendar - a date will turn green when the Spots are added.

  • Set up a recurring pattern for standing conference times that occur weekly or monthly by selecting the second option below.

Step 3: Add extra details (optional)

  • This information will show on all Spots when parents are signing up and will be included on their Confirmation and Reminder messages, automatically sent by
  • Some ideas include adding parking information, a link to a pre-conference check list, your room number, or any additional information that will be helpful.

Click Save at the bottom of the screen to add this conference series to your SignUp.

Want to add more Conference Spots? Clicking the Add a Spot button again and answer the prompts. Once you get started, it will be quick to proceed through the steps.

Happy with all your Conference Spots? Click Next to finalize your SignUp by choosing a creative background theme then invite parents to sign up or make manual assignments for them.


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