Can I send an Invitation to Multiple SignUps or to participants invited to Group Page SignUps?

Our Advanced Messaging tool makes it easy to send custom messages to participants across SignUps, Group Pages or by Campus Plan (Organization). You can quickly send...

  • Invitations to multiple SignUps at once
  • Invitations to Group Page(s)
  • Messages or Announcements to participants from several SignUps, Group Pages or by Campus Plan (Organization)
  • Thank you notes to people who helped with several activities

To do so, first, select Advanced Messaging from your My Tools tab.

Next, choose your message type:

Follow the steps in the Message tool to select recipients, customize your message, then, preview and send your message.

In the Select Recipients step, you will:

  • Build your recipient list to include people invited to your SignUps or SignUps  associated with your Group Page(s).
  • Filter the list by SignUp status including signed up, not signed up and assignment date
  • Review and edit the list.

In the Customize Message step, you may:

  • Customize the subject line
  • Enter and format the message text
  • Include links to images, websites, documents and maps
  • Include links to your SignUps and Group Pages you want included in the message.

In the Preview & Send step, you may:

  • Send yourself a draft for review
  • Send the message to your recipients

NOTE: To send quick invitations, messages or thank you notes to participants of a single SignUp, please open your SignUp in the Dashboard and click the Messages or Invitation tab. Please see:

Tour of My SignUps Messages Tab

Tour of My SignUps Invite Tab

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