How to Plan Silent Auction Basket Donation SignUps

Silent Auction Baskets are popular fundraisers and makes it easy to collect the donated items you need for an impressive basket.

To set up your Auction Basket SignUp, please Create a New SignUp from your Dashboard and set the Kind of SignUp as Single or Multiple Day on the first screen. Choose the date to plan as the date all the items are DUE to you, the basket coordinator.

Next, Add a Spot, one spot for every item you want someone to donate to the basket. You can ask for general items (e.g. $15 gift card of your choice) or be very specific (e.g. $15 gift card to 

Set the Spot Type as "I need people To Bring something", add your first item, then use the Quick Item Entry button to open a quick-entry form to list all your other items for this basket. 

Here's an example for a Family Game Night basket listing the suggested games for people to donate, and an additional "Wild Card" spot for participants to choose game items of their choice:

This is the very same process as planning a Potluck or a Party; there is a quick video here showing all the planning steps.

If you're planning multiple baskets or baskets for multiple groups or classrooms, please plan each basket as it's own SignUp then post them to one central Auction Basket Group Page. This is one page with one link that you can share in a newsletter or Facebook post to your entire community. Participants then click the Group Page link and see all your basket SignUps listed and quickly choose one (or more) to donate to. E.g.

Please Also see the quick video: How do I set up a group page?


Silent Auction Baskets: Planning Tips

  • List a variety of items as a starting point to get people's creative juices flowing about what they could donate.
  • Include items over several price points so everyone can feel comfortable contributing.  For example, in the Family Game Night basket, include less expensive items like playing cards and dice, in addition to traditional board games.
  • Post your donation Due date several days before your event so  you have time to wrap the basket and prepare lists of the items included.
  • Thinking creatively, food can make an easy addition to any basket - e.g. adding microwave popcorn packages or mini candy bars to the Family Game Night basket.

Popular basket themes to spark your creative thinking:

Fun in the Sun (can tailor for different ages with sunscreen, trip tickets, buckets & shovels, beach games, daiquiri mix, etc.)

Kitchen Creative (everything chefs love - gourmet olive oil, exotic spices, gadgets, kitchen towels, decorative hand soap and more.)

Beer Lovers (specialty beers, mugs, keep-cool covers, books about beer and more)

Wine Lovers (specialty wines, glasses, tasting notes, wine charms, etc.)

Date Night (gift cards to local restaurants, attractions, movie tickets, etc.)

Pajama Party (Netflix rental gift cards, popcorn, nail polish, glitter hair spray cookie mix, etc.)

Refresh & Relax (bubble bath, scented soaps, eye shades, gift cards to local nail salons and spas)

All Sports (tickets, jerseys, balls, seat warmers, fan autographs, etc.)

Outdoor Games (badminton, bocce, jump rope, chalk, popsicle forms)

Crafts (loop-making activities, paint, beads, glitter and glue)

Knitting (yarn of all kinds, needles, patterns, lesson gift card)

Anything your community is is interested in:




Sudoku & Crosswords

Ice cream







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