Renewing Campus Plan Members – New School Year Setup

Renewing Campus Plan Members – New School Year Setup:


Will our school need to upgrade again?

For the majority of our Campus Plan members, electronic subscriptions automatically renew. If you sent a check for payment, had a P.O., or received an electronic invoice, your Campus Plan will not auto-renew. 

You can check your Plan’s status by viewing the Profile on the Campus Plan Administrator account. If your Premium status states “renews on xx/xx/xx” your account will automatically renew.  If your Premium status states “expires on xx/xx/xx”, you will need to re-upgrade on or after that date. To access your Profile, Log In and click on the Profile icon in the upper-right]

To pay by check or need an invoice, please contact our Support team:

To:  support {at}

Re:  Renew our Campus Plan subscription

Our Campus Plan is due to expire on (insert date) and we would like to renew for another year.  The Campus Plan administrator is (insert email).  Please invoice us at (email address to send invoice).


Will our school get a new Campus Plan Promo Code or will we continue to use the old one?

You will continue to use the same upgrade code from year to year as long as you auto-renew or complete the PO/Invoice/Payment process before your expiration date.


What if I can’t find my Campus Plan code?

When you first signed up, an email was sent from regarding your Campus Plan.  Please search your email account for an email from  with the keywords ‘Campus Plan’.  If you still can’t find it, please contact our Support team and share the following:

To:  support {at}

Re:  Find my Campus Plan Code

Please resend our Campus Plan code.

Email address of the upgraded Campus Plan admin account: enter email address

The full school name:  enter school name


Some of our Organizers will not be returning this year.  Do we need to have them removed from our Campus Plan?

Each Campus Plan has up to 150 upgrade ‘seats’ available for your account. To review who is currently an upgraded member of your Campus Plan, please login to (from a large screen device like a computer or tablet) and go to the My Tools tab.  Your Campus Plan will be listed under My Organizations, click on the Campus Plan name. You can choose Filter By: All SignUps or All Organizers. Please review the list of Organizers and remove any that are no longer with your school. 


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