Can I add a Waitlist to my SignUp or Automatically Notify Participants of Newly Open Spots?

With this feature, Participants can choose to be automatically notified when new Spots (shifts/appointments) become available. SignUp now offers all Premium members a Notification Waitlist of Available Spots which enables Participants to become notified if:

  • A previously Full Spot has a cancellation
  • New Spots are added to the SignUp. For example, the Organizer...
    • increases the Spot quantity (the number of people allowed to sign up)
    • adds a new Spot to any day in the future

IMPORTANT: This is a Notification Waitlist so everyone asking to be notified will be sent an email alerting them of the opening(s) at the same time. The first person to sign up gets the newly opened Spot and the Organizer doesn't have to take any actions to get the schedule full -- easy, peasy! 


How to Enable the Notification Waitlist of Available Spots (for Organizers)

You may enable the Notification Waitlist of Available Spots in the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. This check-box option is available with all of our Premium plans (starting at $9.99 per month).



How to Get Notified when Spots Become Available (for Participants)

For any Spot that is FULL, Participants will see an option to Notify Me When Available.


They can then choose between the options below in the pop-up menu:



Participants will be notified via email if someone cancels their assignment on this Spot, or if the Organizer adds new Spots to the SignUp. Their notification email will include a personal invitation link to access the SignUp, and will also include a separate link that can be used to cancel future notifications of Available Spots related to this SignUp.

Sample Notification Email:


Tips for SignUp Organizers:

  • See who has added themselves to the Notification List in the Reports tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. This list can be helpful in determining demand for your SignUp opportunities and  planning future schedules and communication.


  • At any time, you may make a manual assignment for someone in the Spots tab of your SignUp's Organizer view.
  • Email notifications of Available Spots are sent:
    • Approximately 1 hour after the Organizer completes their session in adding new Spots to the SignUp.
    • Immediately once a Participant cancels their Spot and presses Save.
    • Approximately 15 minutes after a Participant cancels their Spots and does NOT press Save.
  • All Participants requesting notification alerts are notified at the same time. The first person to SignUp for the newly open Spot gets the assignment - it's not a sequential waitlist and no action is needed on the part of the Organizer.

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