How do I print reports, rosters and sign-in sheets?

The Reports tab in the Organizer view of your SignUp has several options for viewing, printing and exporting your activity data. (From the Home Page, click on Organize, choose My SignUps, and click on the SignUp name to access the Reports tab)

  • Who's Coming: A summary of all the spots and participants in a specified date range
  • Printable SignUp & Check-in Sheets: Take them to your event
  • Roster: A list of all participants invited and signed up, their contact information and number of assignments
  • Hours Tracking: (Max level Premium Feature) listing the summary hours of each participant
  • Export: Download (.csv) of all SignUp data to open in Excel or other programs
  • Interactive Report (beta): Customize what SignUp data you want to see then print or export the results

After you have selected a report type, set your date range, options and view or print your report.

NOTE: A Print button appears in most browser menu bars when you open a report, roster or sign-in sheet. If you do not see it, try pulling down the File menu or use the keystroke shortcut of pressing Ctrl + P in PC or Apple + P in Mac.


Note: Campus Plan and Max level Premium Subscribers can access/print reports across multiple SignUps. Learn more

For a quick video tour of all your Organizer views and options, please click here: Managing your SignUp


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