How can I add an assignment for a participant or volunteer (with or without an email address)?

If you already have paper SignUp sheets or want to give people specific assignments, makes it easy! You may even make assignments for people without email addresses. Please watch this quick video for guidance or scroll down for more detail:


iPad Users: If you have already planned your SignUp(s), have many assignments to make AND all participants have email addresses AND you are not using the custom information fields – the fastest way to enter assignments is using our FREE app: Clipboard by for iPad. Learn More Here

To make assignments for people (with or without email addresses) from your computer, please follow these instructions:

1. Find your SignUp in your Dashboard >>My SignUps. Click the SignUp Name and you will be taken to the Spots tab. (See below for adding Assignments on a mobile device)





2. Click on a date on the Calendar View or go to List View.


3. Find the Spot (job, shift, meeting, item) you want to make the first assignment for and click on it to reveal the menu choices at the right.


4. Click the blue Assign link to open the assignment screen then use the pull-down menu to Choose a Participant. You can either select a person already on your Participant list, or add someone new here.



5. When assigning a participant to a Spot, you can either Assign a Participant that is already on the SignUp, Assign a Participant from a Contact List you have created, or Add a New Participant.  See examples below

Assign a Participant that is already on the SignUp

Type in partial name or email to see matches on the list.


Assign a Participant from a Contact List you have created

You can create multiple contact lists.  See: How Do I Import Emails or Create Contact Lists?


Add a New Participant

When an Organizer is entering an Assignment for a New Participant, the email address is optional. In additional, you will be completing the custom information fields, if they are set up on this SignUp.


In case you get this message, here is the help article:  "The participant already exists for this SignUp - cannot be added again"


Participants with email addresses will automatically receive an Assignment Notification message and Reminder messages from You will be notified of people without email addresses on the "Reminders Sent" email you receive when reminders are sent.


Adding Assignments on a Mobile Device

1. Click the date you want to add the Assignment to


2.  Click on the Spot 


3. Click Add an Assignment


4.  Search for and choose the Participant to Assign or choose to Add a New Participant




Assignment Notifications are batched every 30 minutes, so participants receiving more than one assignment will only get one notice with all their new assignments listed.

To disable automatic Assignment Notifications, please change your Organizer email preferences in the Invite tab. Set the option “Notify participants when spots are changed” to NO.  How do I change my SignUp's Organizer Email Preferences?

Please also see:

Can I add all my manual assignments for volunteers and not have them notified until I am done?

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