Tour of My SignUps Details Tab

The Details tab is in the SignUp's Organizer view.

To access your Organizer view please Login at and click either Dashboard tab or the Organize tab. Find your SignUp in the My SignUps menu /screen and then click on the SignUp Title to open the SignUp's Organizer view, then click on the Details tab in the menu to reveal this screen:



The Details tab is where the Organizer will set up basic SignUp information and interaction preferences, including: SignUp Type, Title, Welcome Message, School Information, (if applicable), SignUp Preferences, Organizer & Assistant Organizer information, and Participation Limits.  


Details Tab Options:

1. SignUp Kind:  Choose from three basic kind of SignUps:


  • Single/Multiple Days - The largest set of SignUps will fall into this category including all SignUps that have activities scheduled on a specific date or dates, or SignUps with a due date associated with the listed needs. Examples include creating a volunteer calendar, a special event, shifts, meetings, donations, potlucks, etc.  
  • No Specific Day - This type of SignUp is used when there is not a date associated with the items people are signing up for. Generally these include creating volunteer interest or committee picker SignUps, a community roster, auction items needed, etc. 
  • Collect Money and Fees Only - It's easy to collect money via our payments partners Stripe and PayPal.  If you are ONLY collecting money for things like tickets, fees, class registration, tutoring, etc, and do not also have non-paid items for participants to sign up for, this is the type of SignUp to use.  Learn more here:  How do I collect money for contributions, dues & fees, or to sell tickets, t-shirts & other items? 

2. Category: Choosing a Category enables SignUp to give you more specific guidance and help prompts throughout your planning. 


3. Name - The SignUp Name is the title that will be included in all invitations, confirmations, and messages and will show when Participants are signing up. If you have an annual event, we'd suggest putting the year in the name (Examples: Bonanza 5K 2022, CCA Convention 2023.)

4. Welcome Message: The Welcome Message will show at the top of the screen when participants are signing up.  Include any details, directions and make it your call to action.




 5. Location and Interaction Options:


  • Location:  The location field can include an address, a map link, a link to an online meeting (e.g. Zoom or Google Meets), or left blank. If you have multiple locations, include that information in each of the Spot descriptions instead of here. Please see: How do I set up multiple locations on
  • Allow participants to share their invitation with others - Checking this option will include a Shareable Invitation link in your SignUp and in every confirmation message participants receive when they sign up. Do NOT check this box if you want to make your SignUp private or if participants must meet specific criterion before signing up. If you are planning to post/release the Shareable Invitation Link at any time, this MUST be checked.  Please also see: Our participants must be certified, trained, background checked or have to meet specific criteria.
  • Allow participants to see who else has signed up - When this box is checked, participants will see the names of the other participants who sign up. SignUp will NEVER show one participant another participant's email address or phone number.
  • Allow participants to swap spots - This option allows Participants to contact each other via SignUp to swap their assignments. Participant email addresses are NOT shared. Learn more here: Can Participants Swap SignUp Spots?
  • Allow a participant to sign up other participants (family or team members, groups, etc.) - Checking this box adds a prompt each time someone signs up for them to specify who the Spot is for. Please see Allowing Participants to Sign Up Others
  • Hide comments from participants - Checking this box hides comments on the SignUp from all participants except from the one who made the comments. The Organizer will be able to see all comments in the Reports or Spots tabs of the SignUp's Organizer view.  
  • Use 24 hour time format (17:23 instead of 5:23 PM) - Check this option to use a 24 hour time display.
  • Allow people invited to this SignUp to create new Spots -  Allows participants invited to this SignUp to add their own Spots (without this, participants can only sign up for Spots that you have created). A Spot is anything a person can sign up for - a job, a shift, something to bring, a meeting or conference appointment. (Currently available on smartphones only.) Please see Can someone else add Spots to my SignUp (a teacher, mentor, volunteer, neighbor, etc.)?
  • Allow people to be notified when Spots become available  - Waitlist Notifications allows participants to sign up for alerts when Spots become available, either by a participant cancelling or by the Organizer adding more. They can be notified when a Spot, day or SignUp has new availability. Participants manage the whole process, no organizer work is required!  This is a Premium feature. Please see Can I add a Waitlist to my SignUp or Automatically Notify Participants of Newly Open Spots?


6. School Options:


  • Affiliated with a School - SignUp allows you to associate the SignUp with a specific school. If your school is upgraded with a Campus Plan, this option does NOT automatically include your account in the Campus Plan, instead you'll need to upgrade with the school's Campus Plan Promo Code. Please see:  How do I upgrade my account with the Campus Plan Promo Code?
  • Email weekly status reports to your teacher - Use this if your teachers will NOT be set up as a Primary or Assistant Organizer on the SignUp.  This allows the teacher a view-only option fro the SignUp. Completing this option (with up to 5 teachers' email addresses) will send each teacher a link to a view-only Status Report of the SignUp so they can see who's coming when, and 2) include the teacher(s) in Friday Status reports which are sent the Friday before any upcoming week with active Spots. 

7. Organizer Information:




  • Primary Organizer - This is your contact information as the Organizer of the SignUp. This name, email address, title and phone number will show on the SignUp, and in confirmation and reminders and messages.
  • Assistant Organizers - Premium upgraded accounts can add Assistant Organizers unique to each SignUp. (Premium Starter - 1 Assistant, Premium Plus - 5 Assistants, Premium Max - 15 Assistants)

IMPORTANT: The Assistant Organizer must FIRST register a free account with a password at before they can be added as an Assistant Organizer.  For more information: What is the difference between the Primary Organizer and Assistant Organizer?

 8. Participant Information:



  • Participant Information:  SignUp automatically collects the Name, Email Address and Phone Number for every Participant. Name and Email Address are required fields, Phone Number can be either required or optional. 
  • Custom Participant Questions:  These custom fields can be used to collect additional information about the participant ( T-Shirt Size, Child's Name, Organization, Dietary Requirements, etc.). This information is collected once per SignUp per Participant. SignUp's Basic (Free) service includes one custom field to collect additional information. Premium upgraded accounts can add additional custom information fields to each SignUp. (Premium Starter - 2 fields, Premium Plus - 3 fields, Premium Max - 15 fields)  Each field can be defined as any of the following:
    • List (choose one item from drop-down)
    • Radio button (choose 1 item)
    • Checkbox (choose multiple items)
    • Number Field (enter a number)
    • Text Field (type in reply)
    • Date (enter a date)

Learn more here: How Can I Add Custom Participant Questions? (form fields)

9. Limit Spots per Participant: All Premium upgraded accounts can use this option to limit the number of Spots any one participant can sign up for on this SignUp. Many Organizers will set a limit when a SignUp is first opened to allow the maximum number of people to participate then remove the limits later once everyone has had a chance to sign up. Learn more here: How can I Limit the Number of Spots /Assignments Each Person Can Sign Up For?



For a tour of all your Organizer views and options, please watch the quick video in this article: Managing your SignUps - Quick Video Tour.


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