How can Another Organizer post a SignUp to my Group Page?

This feature is only available for Campus Plan and Organization Plan members. Once active, any other Organizer who has upgraded with your Campus or Organization Plan's License Promo Code may add or remove their SignUps from your Group Page.

 Allow Others to Add SignUps to your Group Page

If you're the owner of a Group Page, you may give other Organizers in your school or organization permission to add their SignUps to your Group Page.  Here's how:

1. Login to your account and choose the My Group Pages screen from the Organize tab.

 2. Either create a new Group Page or find an existing Group Page and select the Manage link to edit it.


3. On the 1-Details tab, scroll down to the question "Allow Others to Add SignUps to my Group Page?" and Grant Access to the name of your Campus Plan or Organization Plan. 




To Add or Remove your SignUp from another Organizer's Group Page:

First, make sure the other Organizer has followed the steps above to give you permission to add your SignUp(s) to the Group Page.

Then, in your account:

1. Open the Organizer view of your SignUp and go to the Settings tab. (To open your Organizer view, login and click the SignUp Title in the Organize tab / My SignUps screen.)

2. Select Publish to Group Page.



3. Choose the Group Page from the pull-down menu. All of your Group Pages will be listed as well as the Group Pages of other Organizers in your Campus or Organization Plan that have given permission to add SignUps. (Repeat this step to add your SignUp to more than one Group Page.)4-28-2020_4-59-37_PM.jpg







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