Can I add a liability waiver, photo release, confidentiality agreement or other text that participants must agree to before participating?

Premium subscribers at the Plus or Max level (and all Campus Plan/Orgnization Plan members) may add a required liability waiver, photo release, confidentiality agreement or any text to any SignUp. Participants will be prompted to review and agree to the waiver terms before participating.

Adding a Waiver to your SignUp

Go to your Dashboard and click on the SignUp Title, then, choose Settings>>Waiver


Adding a waiver is a Premium feature. If you are using our Complimentary service, you will see an upgrade option.



If you are a Premium Plus or Max member or Campus/Organization Plan member, you will be able to customize the prompts and the text of your waiver or document.  There are three areas you can customize:

1)  Introduction - this text will show above your waiver text when viewed by participants.

2)  Content - the body text of your waiver, release, or other document.

3)  Prompt - this text will display just above the "I Agree" check box when viewed by participants. 

Once you have completed all sections and are ready for participants to sign up and agree to the waiver, click Show this Waiver (bottom right).


Participants/Volunteer Views:

Once a participant/volunteer selects their first spot, they will be asked to enter their contact information and to agree to your waiver or document terms.

The participant/volunteer MUST click "I agree" before they will be taken back to the SignUp and allowed to Save their spot.


* To use this feature, you must be a Premium Plus or Max Subscriber or Campus Plan member.  Please see:

What are the premium features?

What is the Campus Plan for K-12 Schools?


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