How to Get a Custom URL Link for my SignUp or Group Page? (Premium Max, Campus Plan or Organization Plan required)

Max level Premium members, Campus Plan members and Organization Plan members may request Custom URLs (links) for SignUps or Group Pages to match the organization or event. The beginning of the URL will always be the same (; what comes after the "/" can be just about anything (Note: min-8 characters, max-25 characters, only numbers and letters).  Examples:

To request a sharable custom URL, please send an email to our Support team in the following format:


From: Your Organizer email address

Subject: Custom URL Request


I am a Premium Max level subscriber with the account email address of _______________

Please convert this link:

<Insert the Sharable invitation link for your SignUp or Group Page> 

To one of these: < in case your first choice is taken

Please note - all links are CaSe SenSitiVe. 


Access your Sharable Invitation link for an individual SignUp from the Invite tab, and for a Group Page from the Share tab.

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