What's the Difference Between a Contact List and SignUp Participants?'s robust SignUp and scheduling tools have a distributed structure so Organizers can use the site for a variety of activities and organizations. Both the SignUp's Participants Tab and the Organizer's Contact Lists are helpful in managing your activities and people.

Participant Tab (in the SignUp's Organizer view) A participant is added to his list in one of three ways:

  1. an Organizer sends a Personal Invitation from within the SignUp to the participant's email address
  2. a Participant accesses the SignUp using a Shareable link and signs up
  3. an Organizer manually assigns a Spot to a Participant


Contact Lists (in the My Tools tab) are independent of SignUps and are useful for keeping roster(s) of participants and volunteers to invite to future activities. Separate Contact Lists can be created to cluster people by skill, interest, class, organization, certification, prior participation -- anything you like. A person can be listed on more than one Contact List. 


The Primary Organizer Can:

  • Create Contact Lists. Learn more here
  • Invite people to a new SignUp from a Contact List or from a prior SignUp's list of Participants. Learn more here
  • Invite people to multiple SignUps or Group Pages from multiple Contact List(s). Learn more here
  • Make manual assignments for people listed on either a Contact List or in the SignUp's Participant tab. Learn more here 
  • Import a SignUp's list of Participants into a Contact List. When importing Participant records from a SignUp to the Contact List, here is what happens:
    • NO records are deleted on the Contact List.
    • If the same email address is found on a record on the Participant List and the Contact List, you will be shown the differences and given the option of which to choose.
  • Edit or Delete Participants and Contacts - these actions are mostly independent, with some exceptions:
    • Participant tab
      • Editing a person's name, email address or phone number in the Participant tab of a SignUp will only make the change for their record in this specific SignUp. (and won't edit the person's record in other SignUp's Participant tabs or in Contact Lists).
      • Deleting a participant from the Participant tab of a SignUp will only delete the the person's record for this one SignUp.
    • Contact Lists
      • Editing a person's name, email address or phone number in the Contact List WILL update that person's information in the other Contact Lists where they are listed AND in the Participant tabs of all SignUps where they are included. (This is true for people listed having the same email address. If names match but email addresses are different, no change will be made.)
      • Deleting a contact from a Contact List will only delete the the person's record for this Contact List and will not delete the same person's record from the Participant tabs in SignUps or from other Contact Lists. 

Please note that our system tracks Participants based on unique email address. Please also see: Can participants share an email address or sign up others?

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