How Can Teachers See Who Signed Up

There are several ways for teachers to see who has signed up for their parent conferences and class activities. Where they get the information depends on how the SignUp was set up and who the Organizers are. Please review the scenarios below:

  • Teacher is the recipient of a free Teacher Status Report (Teacher is NOT a SignUp Organizer or Assistant Organizer)

IF the teacher was listed to receive a free Teacher Status Report to the SignUp (during SignUp planning or on the Details tab later), the teacher would have received an automated email from with the subject of:  "SignUp Name - Teacher Status Report Welcome". This email has a link to a view-only report listing who has signed up. IMPORTANT: Teachers should save this email and/or bookmark the link in their web browser for future access.

  • Teacher is the Primary or Assistant Organizer of the SignUp

IF the teacher is listed as an Organizer of the SignUp, it's fastest for the teacher to Sign in at and open the SignUp in their Organizer view by clicking the SignUp title on the Dashboard tab. The Reports tab will then show who's coming when: 

      • The Check-in Sheet report has an option to see custom info fields. Click this box if parents were prompted for their child's name upon registering for their Spot.
      • The Who's Coming report has an option to show Comments - click this box if parents wrote their child's names in the comments box.
      • The Interactive report can show all fields (comments & custom info fields) and can be bookmarked in your browser for quick access.
      • We will automatically send all Organizers a summary email each Friday listing assignments for the week ahead.
  • You are the Campus Plan Admin and/or the only SignUp Organizer (Teacher is NOT a SignUp Organizer or Assistant Organizer)

IF you are the Campus Plan Admin, or only upgraded Organizer of the SignUp, you may authorize Electronic Participant Check-in and send the teacher a link to access the check-in screen from any mobile device. Additionally, you may:

      • Run any report for a single SignUp from your smartphone and email it to the teacher.
      • Forward your Friday Summary Report to the teacher.
      • Enter the teacher's email address to receive a free teacher status report.
      • Run any number of reports across multiple SignUps in the Premium Reporting screen and share them with the teacher. 


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