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Thanks for using SignUp at your school – we'll help boost parent and volunteer participation, smooth communication and save everyone time getting organized! Whether you're a teacher, a room parent, a staff member, or a committee chair, you can effortlessly create a FREE Organizer account and dive into planning activities and events right away. Learn how to create your first SignUp here.

In our commitment to enhance parent participation in school, we're pleased to offer our high-value, discounted Campus Plan to K-12 Schools and School/Parent Groups. This Plan gives all campus leaders and teachers access to SignUp’s full suite of Premium features, including the ability to add Assistant Organizers to activities and post SignUps to school Group Page(s). It also tracks participation and volunteer hours across the campus. Compare Plans and upgrade by clicking here.


Planning to Boost Parent Involvement

In most schools, we have found that parents tend to pitch-in in three different areas: their child’s classroom, a school committee, and large school-wide events & fundraisers.

Many organizers ask us whether they should put all of their school needs on one SignUp. We don't recommend this unless you have a very, very small school with limited needs. Parents will volunteer for things that interest them or that their kids are involved in, and it’s important to funnel them to the most relevant opportunities quickly. For most schools, we see these types of needs:


Classroom Volunteering & Parent Conferences

For classroom needs, we recommend the teacher or room parent create specific activity SignUps for the needs for their classroom – such as classroom readers, party helpers and parent-teacher conference schedules. Parents may be invited to individual SignUps or the teacher can create a custom Class Group Page and post all the SignUps in one place. (see examples below).


For shared duties like planning the 3rd grade recess supervisor SignUp, one room parent can setup the calendar for all the grade’s parents. Parents can be invited individually, via the teachers’ newsletter or website, or you may create a Group Page listing all the 3rd grade volunteer opportunities in one place.


Many schools ask parents to choose a committee for the school year. It can be to volunteer in the Lunchroom, Science Lab, Library, Art Room, etc. Simply set up a Committee Picker SignUp Sheet / Volunteer Interest Form during the summer months or at the very beginning of the school year and post the SignUp link on your website, newsletter and other school communication channels. If you don't have parents pick committees ahead of time, you may customize a School Group Page listing all the school-wide activities parents can sign up for. Campus Plan members can have other Organizers in the school post their SignUps to the School Group Page. Please see the following examples:




School-Wide Events & Fundraisers:

To recruit parents to participate in individual events -- such as a carnival, field-day, Teacher Appreciation Potluck, and book fair – we make it easy to post SignUp invitation links in a newsletter, flyer, Facebook, or other school-wide communication such as Remind. If you have more than 200 volunteers who will be helping with a single event (e.g. a large carnival), consider customizing an event Group Page like this one below. Learn more about Large Event planning here.

Fall_Carnival_phone_-_transparent_background.png    Fall_Carnival_Group_Page_Desktop.jpg is for EVERYTHING you organize at school and more...

Booster clubs, concession stands, team snacks, tournaments, swim meets, Scout campouts, Sunday School, meals circles, charity walk-a-thons and more!

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