Our participants must be certified, trained, background checked or have to meet specific criteria. How can I allow access to only certain Participants?

When Participants must meet certain criteria before they can sign up for your activities (such as having certifications, training classes, background checks, etc.), we have a few options to help you manage your SignUps:

1. Do you already have a list of approved Participants or Volunteers? If so, please only send direct email invitations via Once you have screened your Participants, only those people you approve and send a personal invitation to will be able to access your SignUp schedule. (Please don't publish a Shareable Invitation Link as anyone with the link can access your SignUp.) Learn more here:

How do I invite potential participants to my SignUp? (Only use option 1)




How do I import a Contact List?



2. Are you recruiting NEW Participants or Volunteers?  To recruit new Participants from your webpage, social media feed, or in another public forum, we suggest setting up a Volunteer Interest Form or Committee Picker SignUp (a SignUp form with NO specific dates) first to capture people's interest. Once people sign up showing their interest, you can use your screening process and check their certifications before inviting them to the formal SignUp schedule (as described in #1 above).  Here's how > Creating a Volunteer Interest Form or Committee Picker SignUp


Note: To ensure you're responsive to new inquiries, set your Organizer Email Preferences to get an alert every time someone signs up. > Learn how

3.  Have a password-protected member area on your website? Put a SignUp or Group Page Button (with a Shareable Invitation link) behind the password-secured page on your website and only release the password to those who have met your requirements.

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