Our participants must be certified, trained, background checked or have to meet specific criteria. How can I handle this in

There are times you may want to recruit from the public, but participants must meet a certain criteria to sign up (certifications, training classes, background checks, etc.)  If you wish to limit those who can sign up, there are a few options:

1. Only use our Private Invitation option.  Only those people you send a personal invitation to will be able to access your SignUp. You can read more about invitation options in this help article: How do I invite potential participants to my SignUp?

2. If you would like to recruit participants on your webpage, Facebook, or in another public forum, we suggest using a No Date SignUp Sheet and creating a Volunteer Interest Form. When people sign up showing their interest, you can use your screening process before inviting them to the actual SignUp - as described in #1 above.  Here's how: Creating a Volunteer Interest Form

Note: Be sure to set your Organizer Notifications to get an alert every time someone signs up.  Click here to learn how

3)  You can also explore putting a SignUp Button behind a password-secured page on your website and only release the password to those who have met your criteria.

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