Where is my Participant List / Contact List / Roster? stores your Participant lists two places:

Participant List Creation (automatic for each SignUp)

Participant Lists are automatically created and updated.  A participant is added to a SignUp's Participant List in each of these conditions:

1) A personal invite is sent to them (by email, by contact list or by previous signup list)

2) The SignUp organizer is automatically added when they are sent a sample invite with the SignUp is set up.

3) When a participant uses a Shareable invitation link to access the Sign Up and signs up.

4) When an organizer adds an assignment for a participant.

Accessing a Participant List:

  • The Primary and Assistant Organizers of the SignUp have access to this list.
  • The full Participant list can be printed or downloaded from the Reports tab of the SignUp.
  • A change to participant information in the Participant List contact record is updated everywhere else the email address is referenced (other Participant and Contact lists).

Contact List Creation (optional, must be created)

Contact Lists are stored on individual Organizer accounts.  The owner of the account create or access the Contact List in the My Tools Tab.  There is NO automatic update of Contact Lists, with one exception.  If the organizer updates the Participant Name/Email or Phone in a SignUp and the Organizer has that Participant listed on a Contact list on their account, the Contact will be updated also.  Primarily, the Contact List is updated list manually by the organizer or by using the Import option.

  • Contacts can be imported by the registered account holder from previous SignUps, digital files, and common applications such as Gmail, TeamSnap and DirectorySpot.
  • Contact Lists are NOT shared by Assistant Organizers.
  • A change to participant information in the Contact List record is updated in the Participant lists of all the SignUps where the email address is stored.


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