How to Add Spot(s) to your SignUp makes it easy to plan your events and activities. SignUps are built of Spots which can be anything someone can sign up for, such as things to...

  • Do - a specific job or shift
  • Bring - food or supplies
  • Attend - a conference or meeting appointment
  • Pay for - fees, dues, items for sale, or contribution levels

This article shows how to add things to Do, to Bring or to Attend. Spots for Collect-Money-only SignUps are defined in the Details tab or by clicking the Contributions tab of an already planned SignUp. Learn More

Add New Spots to your SignUp - A quick tour of the Spots tab starts at 2:25 in the video below:


When creating a new SignUp, step two prompts you to add new Spots by clicking the + Create New Spot button or click on any date in your planning calendar view:

For existing SignUps, click the Spots tab in your Organizer view, choose a date and click the Add link in the right column:


Your screen will open to the Add a Spot window with three sections to guide you:

1: What do you want people to sign up for? (including adding shifts)

2: What day(s) does this Spot happen? (hidden for No-Date SignUps)

3: Add Extra details (optional)

We think you'll find it easy to answer the questions and proceed with adding all your Spot details. Give it a try now!  If you prefer more guidance, below is detailed information about each step you'll see in the Add a Spot window.

Want to Edit already planned Spots? Go to How to Edit Spots (shifts, jobs, slots, items, appointments) on your SignUp

Adding a Spot

1: What do you want people to sign up for?

Complete this section as if you would be telling someone what you need when you are speaking to them. Each light blue entry field captures your Spot information.

  • First, choose how many people you wish to have sign up for this Spot, it can be any number or Unlimited.
  • Choose what kind of Spot this is - something for people to "do or attend" or something to "bring".
  • Enter the Spot description that will show as the item title when people sign up.
  • Choose when this spot happens - a start time (at), start and end time (from), or no specific time (anytime).
  • Select Quick Entry Options: Add Another or Add Shifts (orange buttons)

 makes it easy to add more Spots to this day that will share the same Extra Details (added in step 3 - like a map link, food allergy information or parking instructions). This is helpful when planning a party or potluck or where you have several items to add to your SignUp, all having the same general details.



mceclip1.png makes it easy to create a series of shifts on the same day(s). Click here to add shifts for any job, or for a series of conference, interview or office hour appointments.

NOTE: If Spots have different extra details, complete steps 2 and 3 for this Spot and click Save at the bottom of the page before adding a new Spot.

Add shifts

Create a number of shifts all in one step by clicking Add Shifts (these can then be copied to multiple days in Step 2, if needed). The example above is adding 3, 2-hour shifts between noon and 6pm.

  • Using the pull-down menus, first choose the day's start time and end time, then the shift length and if you want a break time in between shifts.
  • The lower part of the screen will automatically show the shifts that will be created. Edit your entries until you are satisfied with the results. The black x (in the circle) will delete any single shift in the series, for example if you want a lunch break. Click Apply when you are ready to continue.

Continue adding Spots or shifts as many times as you need for this batch of shifts that share the same extra details (you will enter extra details in step 3).

2: What day(s) does this Spot happen? (hidden for No-Date SignUps)

Choose when this individual Spot, or batch of Spots, should be listed on your SignUp. Select a single day or multiple dates by clicking on the calendar - a date will turn green when the Spot will be added to it.

The text below the calendar will show you a summary of how many total Spots and days you are adding to the SignUp.


If your Spots recur in a repeating pattern, choose the Set up a Repeating Schedule option.


The repeating pattern can be Weekly, Monthly or Daily. The above example shows Spots that repeat every week on Sunday.

The Monthly option will allow you to pick a specific date of the month or set a recurring time of the month (for example, the first Monday of every month).

NOTE: To keep your SignUp loading quickly for participants with slower, older computers or devices with limited memory, we recommend planning your SignUp a season at a time (3-5 months out). That's also about as far ahead as most people know their personal availability.

3: Add Extra Details (optional)

This is a place to add anything important about your SignUp or about these Spots:

  • Extra details display when participants choose their Spot(s)
  • This information is included in all automatic confirmation and reminder emails
  • You can add important links to documents, maps or videos stored in 'the cloud' - files from Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, Google maps, or your website.

Use this space to add information such as:

  • qualifications about who can sign up - age or physical requirements, if children are welcome, certification or membership requirements
  • links to important details - maps, orientation materials, training videos, etc. (learn more)
  • location - if different Spots have different locations
  • additional contact details - Site contacts, emergency phone numbers (Organizer name, phone and email are automatically posted on the SignUp)
  • anything you want participants to know - parking instructions, food allergy information, what to wear or bring

Click Save at the bottom of the screen to add this Spot or batch of Spots to your SignUp.

Want to add more Spots? Clicking the Add a Spot button again and answer the prompts. Once you get started, it will be quick to proceed through the steps.

Happy with all your Spots? Click Next to finalize your SignUp by choosing a creative background theme then invite people to sign up or make manual assignments for them.


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