What is the Premium Price if I have more than 1000 participants?'s pricing is per organizer, not per organization. We do offer special pricing to organizations and large groups needing multiple organizers with Premium Accounts. However, in most cases, one Premium Account is all that is needed - here's why:

  • Organizers may have multiple SignUp calendars/SignUp sheets.
  • Each SignUp may have up to 15 Assistant Organziers.
  • The Premium version fee structure is based on the number of active participants on your largest SignUp.
  • To keep running quickly for volunteers with older, slower computers, we do not recommend having more than 1000 ACTIVE* volunteers on one activity SignUp. You may separate your needs into multiple SignUps with fewer than 1000 volunteers needed on each SignUp.  See Tips for Configuring Large Events >

* An active participant is someone you have sent a personal invitation to, or one who has entered the SignUp from a shareable URL link - counted by the number of email addresses attached to each activity. You may invite a large number of participants to sign up for an activity using a Shareable Invitation Link. E.g. inviting 2,000 potential participants to sign up using a Shareable Invitation Link for 1000 active spots.

If you feel you still need more Premium Accounts or a higher level of coverage, please contact us and share the following information:


Subject: Special Pricing on Premium Service

Email Body: Please tell us a little bit about what you're organizing and how many organizers you will have so we can best guide you.


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